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Car Hire and Vehicle Rental in Kirkwall, Orkney

We are a well established car hire and vehicle rental business but not new to the motor trade, having been in the business for more than 18 years. We pride ourselves in our high standards and customer satisfaction. Our fleet of UK registered cars are brand new March 2012 VW Polos and all have five doors. We can also supply 4 x 4s (subject to availability). All our cars come equipped with first aid kits and local maps. Tom-tom satellite navigation and child boosters are available on request. Free collection from airport and ferries is available by arrangement if the vehicle hire is for 4 days or more. If the hire is less than 4 days a delivery charge of £10 will be added.

Orkney Map

Whether you are visiting Orkney on a business trip or for pleasure, you can be guaranteed a warm welcome from A1 Car Hire, making it a perfect start to your stay in Orkney.

Our vehicle rental and car hire business is based in Kirkwall, which is the largest town of the Orkney Islands. Our town is the administrative centre with a long and interesting past. For example, our premises, the Hatston Industral Estate, is near a prehistoric ancient monument, Grain Earth House, a short low stone-walled passage deep underground leading to a small pillared chamber.

Throughout the UK, we are probably one of the most northerly vehicle rental businesses around.

Conditions of Vehicle Rental

Drivers must be between 21 and 75 years, have at least 12 months driving experience and hold a full driving licence.

A valid driving licence must be produced prior to the car being driven. Cars will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure the tank is refilled on completion of the hire. Strictly no smoking and no animals allowed.

Parking tickets, punctures, etc are the responsibility of the hirer. Cancellation of a hire within 48 hours of the pickup date booked will result in a charge of one full day of hire.

Hire Rates in Pounds Sterling

Days VW Polo MPV/4x4/Executive
1 38 65
2 73 130
3 99 190
4 128 245
5 154 300
6 185 350
7 194 400
8 213 445
9 231 490
10 246 530
11 266 570
12 280 605
13 294 635
14 300 650

If vehicle hire is for 14 days or over the daily rate is as low as £21.43